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We are proud to serve any client who has a strong interest in improving their personnel accountability situation. At Waypoint, our relationships with clientele and colleagues are completely centered on TRUST. We work with families, managing members of corporations, and various other high-profile individuals. In most cases, our clients are extremely sensitive to the type of training that we provide. Many of our clients have contracted with Waypoint Professional Group to be their sole-provider in training individuals how to handle intricacies of international travel as well as crisis management. Because of the sensitive nature of the training we provide, we have implemented a due diligence process to validate to our clientele that Waypoint Professional Group is providing them with top-notch Experiential Design Specialists that have been vetted and can be trusted with their private problem-sets or specific travel situation. It is also for this reason that we do not name the specific clients we have served, nor will we when not legally bound to do so. Our clients have included:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Sponsored Adventure Athletes
  • Department of Defense and other Governmental Personnel
  • Fortune 100 Companies
  • Non-Profit Humanitarian Aid/Relief Groups
  • Adventurous Families

Is a partnership with Waypoint right for you? Please contact us to find out.