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Waypoint Professional Group is 100% veteran owned and operated. We are by design a very small and nimble company, allowing for a level of exclusiveness toward our clients that is often lacking with larger corporations. We conduct our business the way any selective small team should: we thoroughly screen our employees to ensure each is highly adaptable and technically proficient in a broad array of skills, we outfit them with the state-of-the art tools and equipment necessary to perform at high levels, and we allow our team members to work autonomously to achieve client objectives. We have at our discretion the ability to call upon any and all of our talents and resources as needed to produce results. Our cast of professionals have worked extensively in austere environments throughout the world to yield tangible operational and training capabilities. We have set our sights on professionalism while others focus on profit. When partnered with Waypoint, you will benefit from expertise that comes from our combined years of specialization and a passion for our craft.