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At Waypoint, our revolutionary processes and methods toward instructional systems design have evolved from a multi-disciplinary approach. Our pros are not only adept technicians and instructors, but are also highly educated and seasoned world travelers--most of whom hold advanced degrees. We combine our knowledge and experience with best practices and local resources to provide historical, present, and predictive insight into resolving personnel accountability issues that can lead to critical incidents. Waypoint Professional Group does not operate a “schoolhouse” or have a set training location that our clients must travel to. We do not have a “suite” of ready-made courses to offer our clientele. Instead, at Waypoint we embrace the challenges of adapting our methods to meet the unique and specific demands of each of our clients at a location of their choosing. Our name defines our process--work with clients to map a shared training objective, guide our clients toward timely and informed solutions for their particular problem sets, and set benchmarks to measure progress. Waypoint’s fully customized training experiences instill the confidence needed to navigate any crisis management situation. Begin your journey with us today.